When it comes to choosing your location for your perfect day, there will be plenty of options! Depending on whether you want to have it where you currently live or if you want to go somewhere exotic! Many places offer wedding packages if you have your wedding at their location.

For example, California and Mexico offer great specials if you use one of their package deals for your wedding that comes with a price for the wedding, reception, and the hotel you would like to stay at. You will, of course, want to consider how many guests are you wanting to attend your wedding, if you are wanting a religious ceremony, and how much work you will be willing to take on to plan everything that will go into your wedding. You can choose to have it the traditional way in a church, at someone’s home, a getaway wedding, a quirky location like a museum, barn, sports venue, botanical garden, or art gallery.

Everyone’s perfect wedding is, of course, different for each different couple. There are so many choices which are super overwhelming but also super fun to choose and once it is all done, it will forever be the best day of your life, and hopefully exactly what you have always dreamed of it being!