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Different Styles and Different Types of Weddings

Whenever you are looking for your perfect wedding, you probably become bombarded by all that goes into planning it. There are so many options to choose from.

One of the most traditional weddings you can choose is the religious ceremony which takes place in a church where the bride and/or groom is a member of. Afterwards typically, a reception follows in the church’s banquet room or at a separate location.

Another type is a civil ceremony which is where the wedding is done in a courthouse, city hall or judges’ chambers. This type of wedding is made official by a Justice of the Peace, a judge or a mayor. This type of wedding takes very little time to do and has just a few guests. There are formal and informal weddings.

The formal wedding conforms to social expectations meaning there is a decorated ceremony along with reception, many people that come and ushers, and also assigned seating charts. This type is usually quite expensive and it will have around 200 guests attending. For such expensive wedding, we recommend hiring a professional wedding photographer Merida who can capture every guest in the right foreshortening and save each moment of your wedding in the photos.

Informal weddings are where the couple designs their own wedding themselves. Typically they will still keep it pretty traditional but have the option to use several traditions or create their own type of wedding altogether.

One more is the option of a destination wedding. Typically these types will be done at an exotic location with around 20 people. This is great if you want the wedding and honeymoon all at the same place and all at the same time! There are cruise weddings that are done by the ship’s captain or a clergy member at the port.

Eloping is another way to have your perfect wedding if you want it to just be you and your significant other. There is a group wedding that is also known as a mass marriage ceremony. This one is where many other couples who are also getting married all go together and all tie the knot at the same time as you do. These are usually done by wedding venues and cities. This is a great option for someone who would want their marriage public or if you are on a tight budget.

One similar to the last is a double wedding which is normally where siblings or best friends participate in a single marriage ceremony. Each couple has their own wedding rites. The eldest bride is who commonly goes first and the other couple acts as attendants during their ceremony and then switch for the others ceremony.

One more type is a military wedding which mostly speaks for itself. The couple can choose whether they would like to have it in a chapel on base or in a civil ceremony. Last there is a proxy wedding which is rare these days but it is when the couple isn’t able to attend their ceremony usually due to the bride or groom being overseas.